Group 2 - Most Important Beliefs

This section contains articles about our fellowship's most important beliefs:

- What happens when we die?

- The Kingdom of God

- What must I do to be saved?

- Who is Jesus?

Note: we recommend that you read those articles in the order listed - i.e., read "What happens when we die" first. Also note that the PowerPoint presentations tend to be easier to follow than the PDF docs.

We encourage you to read through the articles; and to let us know what you think about them! By all means, if you find any items that you believe contradict Scripture, please let us know. As mentioned, we are constantly searching for the truth ourselves, so hopefully we can assist each other in that search!

Group 5 - Articles about Jesus

This section contains articles on "Christology" - that is, articles that discuss the identity of Jesus.

This page contains a list of articles published by our fellowship, on various Christian subjects.
Those articles are organized into ten main "groups".

We are constantly searching for the truth - in other words, we certainly do not claim to have "all the answers" - so please let us know if you have any feedback on any of these articles!

Group 1 - The Quiz

To start with, take a look at the "Christian Beliefs Quiz", below. That quiz contains a list of questions about various Christian topics; and the answers to each question describe the various beliefs about that topic. The quiz is designed to allow you to determine what your beliefs are, on those topics.

After you take the quiz, then have a look at the "Christian Beliefs Chart". That chart contains the answers that nine different Christian denominations would give, to the questions listed in the quiz. This will allow you to compare your beliefs, to the beliefs of those denominations

Group 6 - Articles about Christian Living

This section contains articles considered "practical" - i.e., articles that can affect our day-to-day lives.

"Where God is only ONE,
  And Jesus is His SON!"
Group 9 - Articles From Our Friends

This section contains articles from some Christians that we have befriended over the years. We are grateful for their input - after all, none of us will understand everything on our own! (See Acts 8:29-31)
Group 7 - Articles about Prophesy and Miracles

This section contains articles that discuss prophesies that God has given us, and miracles He has accomplished.

Group 10 - Brochures

This section contains Word documents that are in a "tri-fold brochure" format. These brochures can come in very handy for spreading the basics of the Gospel message, in a simple, easy-to-read format.
Group 3 - Articles about Death and Resurrection

This section contains articles that describe what happens when we die - and how we can come back to life.

Group 4 - Articles about Salvation

This section contains articles on "soteriolgy" - i.e., the exact way in which a person can be saved.

Group 8 - "Miscellaneous" Articles

This section contains articles that do not fit neatly into any other category - i.e., this is the "catch all" section.